Programme for The EAAE 1998 General Assembly - Stockholm, September 25-28

Location: September 25-27: City Conference Center, Barnhusgatan 14, Stockholm
             September 28: Cosmonova, Riksmuseet, Frescativägen 40, Stockholm

Friday 25 Arrival during the day, check in at hotels
  from 18:00 Registration at the City Conference Centre
  19:00 Buffet
Saturday 26  


Official opening of the conference by
Hans Rickman, Sweden
- assistent Secretary General IAU

Dionysios Simopoulos, Greece - EAAE President
  Richard West, ESO - EAAE Honorary President: News about comets


Representant from ESA: ESA´s Education/outreach project
   Mogens Winther and Bent Klarmark, Denmark: Educational Projects

 Anders Västerberg, Sweden: Astronomy on the Web.
Many sites on the Web contains material which is very useful for astronomy education at different levels. The Web is also an extremely powerful tool for worldwide cooperations around celestial phenomena.
   Fernand Wagner, Luxembourg - Vice President of the EAAE: Reports from Space
Exhibitions at the conference-Short presentations
Rosa M. Ros, Spain - Teachers' training, Report from workingroup 3
Rainer Gaitzsch, Germany - Astronomical concepts, Report from workinggroup 1
  Bernard Pellequer, France: Propositions

Robert Wielinga, Netherlands: 1998-99 Solar Eclipses
   Lennart Nordh, The Swedish Space Board: Odin
- a satellite for measurements of water and other molecules in earth atmosphere and the interstellar space.
   Gösta Gahm, Stockholm Observatory: To scale the Solar System to human dimensions.
To conceive distances, dimensions, timespans and extreme physical conditions in space, 3D models can be important, complementary tools in the teaching of astronomy. In addition to IT-based presentations physical, large-scale models exist of our solar system. A new model of this type will be discussed.
  16:30Sightseeing by bus
  18:00Official Reception in City Hall with Buffet
Sunday 27 09:00Dennis Simopoulos: Organization of the group meetings
  09:15Work in groups
  10:15Break during the work
  11:30Conclusions: Presentations of the work from one member of each group

Richard West - ESO: Scientific programs for the VLT (Very Large Telescope), LSA/MMA (Large Southern Array/Millimetre Array), HST (Hubble Space Telescope) and NGST (Next Generation Space Telescope)
  15:00Elections of EC and NR
  18:00Excursion by boat and dinner
Monday 28 09:00Hotel check out, bus to Cosmonova
  09:30Bengt Gustafsson, Uppsala Observatory, Sweden: The origin of Carbon
  Ingrid Sandahl, Swedish Institute of Space Physics: Aurorae
  10:45Show at Cosmonova
  11:30Michael Gavrilov, Lomonosov Moscow State University: The International Astronomy Olympiad
   Gerhard Rath, Austria: A Comenius project in Astronomy
   Dennis Simopoulos: Official Farewell
  13:00Transport to airport busses

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